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Standards are documented specifications, criteria, rules, guidelines or definitions for products, goods and services. Standards are regarded as agreements. Proper function and safety of products and services is the purpose of standards use.

Keeping of standards specifications is voluntary. If they are incorporated in legislation or regulation documents or harmonized with such documents, standards become obligatory. They are indicated as harmonized standards then.

Standards databases available on web usually are not provided in full text (except subscribed databases).




International standard organizations

ISO                  International Organization for Standardization

ITU                  International Telecommunication Union

IEC                  International Electrotechnical Commission


European standard institutions

CEN                 European Committee for Standardization

ETSI                European Telecommunications Standards Institute

CENELEC        European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization


National standard institutions

ČAS                 Česká agentura pro standardizaci

DIN                  Deutsches Institut für Normung

BSI                  British Standards Institution

AFNOR           Association Française de Normalisation

ANSI                American National Standards Institute