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E383271 Humanity - Information Sources, S, 1+1, Tichá, credits: 2

Information Literacy. Document Types. Electronic Information Sources. Library Catalogues. Databases. Information Retrieval. Online Searching Strategy. Internet as a Research Information Source. Technical Standards. Intellectual Property Information (Patents, Trademarks, Copyright). Bibliographic References. Personal Reference Systems.

Not opened in the summer semester 2011/2012

Dejvice, block A1, 2nd floor, computer laboratory no. 207.


  1. Introduction to the course, Central Library of CTU, National Technical Library
    Training: information literacy pre-test, discussion
  2. Topics for searching, terminology, query formulating, searching tools
    Training: working with terminology, formulating of a specific query for searching
  3. Library catalogues, library portals, library servicesTraining: using of library portals and directories, library catalogues searching
  4. Electronic databases - searching strategy, fair use, relevancy of results
    Training: federated search engine 360Search, EBSCOhost Research Databases
  5. Electronic databases - digital libraries
    Training: IEEE Xplore Digital Library, ScienceDirect
  6. Electronic databases - citation indexes
    Training: Web of Science, Scopus
  7. Electronic databases - e-books, e-journals
    Training: using e-books, E-Journal Portal
  8. Information for R&D on the Internet, evaluation of free access resources
    Training: Scirus, Google (Books, Scholar), Directory of Open Access Journals
  9. Technical standards and national/international standardization process
    Training: national and international standard offices, databases of standards
  10. Patents and intellectual/industrial property protection
    Training: national and international patent offices, databases of patents
  11. References and citations, ethical use of information, copyright, plagiarism
    Training: citation styles and formats, plagiarism quiz, citation generators
  12. Final report
  13. Evaluation and assessment