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E-reader loan

Who is allowed to be borrowed an e-book reader?

The loans are only available to registered users (CTU students and employees).

How to borrow an e-book reader?

Reservation Loan Return

Choose an e-reader from the list of available readers.

Make a reservation for it in the Library Catalogue.

Wait for an e-mail notification informing you to pick up the reserved e-reader.

Pick up the e-reader in the Study room on the 5th floor.

Xou will be given the ‘Electronic Device Borrowing Agreement’ for your ssignature.

The reader can be borrowed for 30 days; the lending period cannot be renewed.

Notification e-mail arrives 5 days before the end of lending period.

Return the e-reader in time – 20 CZK fine per day for delayed return plus other fines (price list)

Return the device in the Study room on the 5th floor fully functioning and including accessories. Delete all content and return the e-reader fully charged.


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