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Organizational structure

CTU Central Library is organized into a central library and remote libraries. The central library is located in the National Library of Technology building (NTK) in Dejvice campus. Remote libraries are located at the faculties outside the Dejvice campus - Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Transportation Sciences, Faculty of Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering. These are called Local libraries.

The CTU Central Library is organized in the following departments:

Department of collection management

Deals with acquisition, cataloging and providing access to the library collection - monographs and journals (printed and electronic), as well as the collection management and protection. All the activities are conducted in cooperation of all workplaces, and based on the cooperation with the university faculties and departments (e.g. demands for the purchase of information resources, coordinated acquisition, collection circulation). The Department if collection management also administers and develops the library system (Aleph), and manages the institutional repository (CTU Digital Library).

Department of library services

Covers activities and library services in the central library - loans (on site, off-site, interlibrary loans), electronic services, and services in the study room (loans, reference services, consultation, copy services). Library services are provided to all user groups (students, researchers, walk-in users) according to their professional needs and requirements.

Department of information education

Is focused on information education and information support for various user groups - students, PhD students and researchers. Besides education, the department provides a number of educational materials (handbooks, manuals, promotional materials). It organizes various kinds of trainings and seminars focused on increasing information literacy of the various user groups. This department also manages access to electronic information resources, and administers the library website.

Director's office

Deals with strategical and conceptual issues of the library activities, project management, and the overall CTU - Central library management. The main issues are: research support, editorial board of the university peer reviewed journals, and the management of remote libraries.