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Summon search engine allows you to search over all sources of information available at CTU Library Catalogue, technical databases, open access information sources etc.

It also gives access to full-text articles and books (if prepaid by CTU).


Summon Search Options

Basic and advanced search

Basic Search contains a search field where you can enter keywords and Boolean operators. Type few letters and autocomplete will suggest you possible keywords. Advanced Search provides the option of search in multiple fields. It is also possible to search in specific fields (title, author, publisher, etc.). Searching can be simultaneously filtered by specific conditions (the full text, time period, etc.).

Advanced Search options

When the search is performed, retrieved documents display in the main part of screen and the option of specification on the left. You can "tune" your search.

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 Use options of retrieved documents

Search results display on the main part of the screen, each entry is supplied with basic information. In the preview you will find a detailed description of the document and at the top right, there is a menu with several options right – citing the record, send an e-mail, etc.

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 Easy citing with Summon

Cite sources straight in Summon! Click on the appropriate icon of the entry (quotation marks), then select the required file format.

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